Winter Hacks. 

So after we sang man’s not hot, the sun came out in total anger, punished us properly then welcomed the rain plus its ancestors SMH!! 

Anywhu, life goes on, we stay warm and look good as always. Agreed? 😎

As I was struggling to make my wardrobe work in this Kenyan winter hehe, I made a few discoveries. (feeling myself over here yow!) 

First, layer up the clothes instead of getting huge coats that get bulky and bother you all day making you sweat and sleepy. We want tonstay warm and remain active.

Here’s how to do it.

1. Instead of wearing thick socks, put on stockings before you wear your pants/trousers. This keeps your legs warm and comfortable all day.

(Tip) You don’t need to wear underwear, for hygienic sake.

2. Put on a hooded sweater under a round neck and on an extremely cold day add a jacket.

This not only helps you achieve a cool laid back look its also really warm and you can take off any of the layers easily incase its alittle too hot.

Second discovery, scarves maintain warmth all over your body.

For days when you really have to slay but you still don’t want to freeze, put on a scarf. Keeping your neck warm ensures your whole body is also warm.

 And finally,

Beenies and turbans are very important, they keep your head warm, protect your hair and transform outfits tremendously.

For shoes, invest in chunky heel boots or wedges, black sole converse and the best option gumboots👌.

I hope these come in handy for Winter Is Here. 😉

(I shall make a special edition post on Saturday, something good is coming, be on the look out 😉) 

Photo credits : @derekkarani

Styling by:@khui_karanja 

Location :China Town, Kenya 

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