Supa Modo. 

I know I promised a special edition post on Saturday, but I had an injury on my right hand, couldn’t type (sob) . But here I am and I have something amaaazing for you guys.☺️

So we had Black Panther, which put all of us on a craze (waaah) I sure hope its died down by now because Supa Modo is about to stir up your emotions. This is a Kenyan made movie that will make you laugh, cry, pray, and think aboutbyour life choices all in a span of an hour or so. 

First of all,if you ever said Kenyan film industry has little to offer seek forgiveness yoh, beg for forgiveness. Like right now. 

Have you asked? Okay, I declare you forgiven. 😎 Now proceed to reading. 👇

Its a story of a dying girl that dares to dream, she dares to dream to be a super hero. 

Now its not your ordinary Kenyan Movie, One Day Films and the entire production team did an extremely great job, I mean these guys put their hearts and souls into this, I’m talking the capturing of scenes, the creativity of the entire story, the locations…. my gaaad the locations. People!!!! They even put some dj afro vybe in it, no spoilers but meeehn y’all have got to watch this movie. 

The movie will premiere tomorrow at the Nairobi Film Festival. Check out @SupaModo on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for free tickets🎫.After the festival it shall be available at cinemas, check their socials for more details. 

This is a General viewing rated movie, bring your friends, siblings, parents bring your kids. This a movie kids should watch, we need to show them that they can dream wildly. Nothing is impossible. 

P. S carry tissue, and lots of it you will cry hehee be ready.

Blessings and light 💋 

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