2K19 Legoo!!

Ola My Fashion Kings and Queens!! 💕

First, Happy New Yeaarr!!!

It’s been so long since I wrote here, felt like I’d lose the connection with you guys, but thank you so much to all you beautiful people who checked up on me and constantly reminded me that y’all are waiting for my next post, and here it is alililiililili 😂

So I am pretty sure you’ve seen, probably read so many posts, blogs, vlogs about people’s 2019 plans and I’m loving the positive energy that is and has been flowing in the first 2 weeks of the year. ( Hope it lasts all year ).

In my case crossing over to 2019 wasn’t eventful, I was just watching Black-ish in my room when I looked at the time it was exactly 12:01am. Now normally I look forward to the countdown to the new year but this time I just wasn’t feeling it, why? I’m not sure yet. I immediately shut down my laptop and in the stillness of the night, in my dark room I had a conversation with God and I had something simple to ask for this year
For Him to restore me back to my old sweet soul, to live my truth and nobody else’s, to love Him deeply and with that love get to love and connect others, challenge myself to extremes, break records, dance more and laugh harder

2018 was a really long rollercoaster ride that I couldn’t wait to get off but before it ended I came across two quotes that are now my 2019 Mantra
Be Your Best At ALL Times,” Kobe Bryant
Ask for what YOU want and be READY to get it,” Dr. Maya Angelou

These two statements are everything to me and I hope to uphold them all year.
I’m in the process of creating my vision board as I write this blog, I’ll share a photo next week. But some of the key areas I’m working on are fitness, completing school, building my company massively (including this blog ) and doing some community work.

I also saw a friend of mine create a paragraph of how 2019 was, this is writing down an account of 2019 as though today was 31st December 2019. Check it out..

I thought that was genius, as y’all know I always emphasize that thoughts are things and your words create your reality therefore writing something like that calls forth all what you want, you just need to be READY to get it.

So the first step in living my truth is making a few changes on the blog which I am sure y’all will love. And I’d like you guys to also suggest stuff you’d want me to write about here. This time no matter how crazy y’all go I’ll do it. Haha!!!

Oohhw and for those who’ve been asking about how I do my unruly natural hair, I’ll cover one of my wash days here this month so be on the look out.

Outfits deets: Masai shanga- @B.Seleon

Vintage bag- My mom

Pants, denim- Thrift

📷 – SamsungS4

That’s it for today,

Blessings and Light 💋

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