Male styling, Can I do this…?

Hello there!!!!
How’s the 91st day of January going hahahahaha, surprisingly I don’t feel like this January is dragging on as compared to past years. I’m liking that I’m taking a day at a time still figuring things out Yes! I’m still figuring out my year plan in terms of school, work etc it gets crazy sometimes, but I wanna make smarter, rational and more conscious decisions but also not waste time thinking. Anyways, that’s a story for another day.
I didn’t post up last week, I had exams and school projects I had no time to shoot but now I’m back at posting weekly (every Thursday). So last year I got a lot of requests to do male style blogs and I wanted to, I reaaaalllyyy did, but I just didn’t know where to start, my blogs are majorly based on what I wear so doing male style kinda frustrating like who’s wardrobe will I use? Are they open to shooting? and a lot of other logistics I couldn’t figure out. Buut I met some really dope guys who’ve agreed to jump into this journey and inspire you, my gentlemen into some really dope styles and share some tips.

First on that list is my good friend Mykey, I absolutely love his style soooo effortless!!!!

Ooohw I’ve also never done male fashion writing, trust me its waay different compared to what I’m used to just flow with me as I get the hang of this.

So for this first post, I requested Mykey to do something chilled out for church because it was Sunday and this is what he pulled up in.

Let’s dive into the details, shall we?

I often see guys struggle with having to wear official shirts and blazers just because its Sunday, well here’s some good news, your ripped jeans, dope tees, fanny packs can still be Sunday style it’s how you style them that makes the difference.

Plus you could use the fanny pack to carry your Bible haha!!

I personally like how simple and laid backthis look came out.

The richly blue polo tee, black well fitted skinny jeans perfectly accessorized with a leather fanny pack.

I gotta say I’m not the biggest fanny pack fan but after seeing a few people rock’em pretty well lately, they just might be growing on me hehe (might try accessorizing one of my looks with one)

I absolutely fell in love with the art work on this jacket whaaat!!!!

My rule usually is, you can never go wrong with a bomber jacket as long as its dope. These things came to save our lives they literally go with anything you wear. For this look it does that pretty well.

Did I talk about these round-frame vintage glasses, aaarrrgh aren’t they magnificent!! I’m a sucker for vintage so🙈…. Anyway, they complement the polo shirt perfectly and give the whole look a vintage urban feel.

So there you are, a simple look for church or a chilled out Saturday hang out.

Big shout out and thanks to Myke for being so helpful with this post. Ya’ll are going to be seeing him a lot here hehe.

Outfit- Myke’s wardrobe

Model – Myke – IG @mykey myk

Fb @mykey myk

Photo credits- yours truly😊 (phone cam)

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