A couple of years ago, ankara entered the fashion scene by storm, made its trends for a while but like all other fads, it faded. But did it die? The hype did, but the love for ankara lives on.

After a hot minute of not blogging which by the way I missed extremely, a friend of mine requested me to do a post about ankara crafts to get feedback on whether that’s still a style statement. I definitely couldn’t say no, so drop your comments 😊.

Now in my opinion, ankara/kitenge and basically African prints will never get old. It’s how you rock them that keep the trend alive. The creativity of my girl here just blew me away. She introduced me to Obi belts, Yeah, I know you’re wondering what those are. Say no more, I’m about to feed your curiosity.

Aren’t they absolutely cute and give some really nice waist definition!!!

#Style tip 1: For my sisters who struggle to conceal their tummy,you must get one of these… It easily doubles up as a corset and a fancy belt.

Chockers! Chockers! Chockers! I for one have never been a fan of chockers but I found these ones rather interesting especially the choice of ankara. Absolutely love them ♥

#Style tip 2: A popping chocker neck piece is the appropriate accessory when rocking an open neck top, an off shoulder, cold shoulder or even when doing monochrome looks like all black, all grey. It’s a great way to break monotony.

#Style tip 3: If you have a long neck, let nobody intimidate you, chockers are a great way to showcase your beautiful features.

Now this was my absolute favorite ankara accessory. When I styled it, I placed it as a belt as you can see, but the designer later informed me it was meant to be a head band. Yes, I know I know.. I was way ahead of myself. But hey, I think it works really well as a belt. Gives off a really stylish vybe to a simple look.

#Style tip 4: It works really well with solid colors so for that likkle black dress or all white outfit, just throw in an ankara belt and boom! Style statement.With that said, ankara is definitely still a thing and these accessories are definitely a great way to add some print to your wardrobe.Special thanks to my muse Esther Mathu (@esther_n_mathu) and her to die for natural hair.

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Blessings and light,

Xoxo 💋.

7 thoughts on “IS ANKARA STILL A THING?

  1. For one i was discussing with a designer last week

    Ankara isnt the issue
    The issue is how you creatively come up with unique designs.

    If we refrain from copy paste think of better creative ideas to fashion it will live long

    Trust me

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you Meek for that. And I absolutely agree.
      Creativity is what will prolong the lifespan of this trend.

      Copy pasting from pinterest needs to stop


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