How To Go On Vacation On A Budget.

Happy 2020 guys!!!

It’s been such a long time since I’ve written here, but I sure am glad to be back. It’s that time of the year where guys make plans and goals which is absolutely okay, the definitive factor though, is acting and working towards these goals.
A time like this last year, one of my goals was to go on vacation on a budget because well, I am fresh out of Uni so I’m not balling outta control 😂. Honestly, it was a really good idea on paper as many goals are but making it possible required alil more from me than I had imagined however, great news is.. I made it!! So as you make your plan to go on vacation on a budget this year, here are a few tips.
Just incase your wondering why this vacation was such a big deal that I had to do a whole blog, well it was my first ☺️ I was extra extra….extra excited. And I actually got to go on two of them in one year. 😎

Now here’s how you plan to go on vacation on a budget.

1. Make Your Dream Visual.
So first thing I did in January was put the places I wanted to go for vacation on my vision board.

My 2019 mood board

I attached pictures of the beach because I wanted to go to Mombasa and a picture of Fairmount Mount Kenya. I mounted the vision board right next to my bed so that I could see what I was working towards every morning. I have emphasized so much about the importance of Visualization on my videos, check out Episode 53 .
I didn’t get to go to Fairmont Mt Kenya but instead went to an amazing resort in Nanyuki.

The specific photos of Fairmont Mt Kenya and Nyali Beach

2. Start Planning Early.
Next thing was start to planning, who was I going to these places with and for how long? If you’re traveling alone make that clear from the start. To coast, I was going to travel with my girls so I knew costs would be shared abit. For the Nanyuki trip I was traveling with my family so again a few shared costs. For both trips we did 5 days 4 nights. Which seemed like enough time to enjoy the place and spend within our budget.

Squad in Mombasa
The fam in Nanyuki

3. Research and make reservations in Advance.
Research about the place you plan to go to, find options for accommodation and compare rates. Airbnb is always a good place to start.
Get all details, discounts, extra costs clear and always include ± to the total figure to cover any miscellaneous stuff or additional costs that may arise.

4. Financial Planning.
Now this is where everything goes south with most people. Making a financial plan is of utmost importance because without money, there is no plan. With the estimated budget, create a breakdown of amounts to save at a specific amount of time . Example The trip to coast, the total budget for each person was Ksh 6000 ($60) this was inclusive of return train tickets, transfers in Mombasa, food stuff (we cooked our meals) and accommodation at the Airbnb we stayed at. We scheduled the trip for mid May which was off peak season and started saving as early as February.. each person was to send Ksh 2,000 ( $20) to the group account every month. Pocket money was whatever else one had above the budget estimate.
For the trip to Nanyuki the total budget was Ksh 20,000 ($200) for bed and breakfast (per person) coz we would have lunch and dinner at the sites we’d go to during the day. There was an additional amount for fuel since this was a road trip. We scheduled this for December, made reservations in July and started saving.

And that’s how you can go on a vacation on a budget of less than Ksh 25,000 ($250). Requires abit of planning and a whole lot of financial discipline. Definitely worth it.

A blog review of the resort we stayed at: Anka Resort will be up next week, I’ll also do blog on things to do in Nanyuki so stay tuned.

Enjoy the view 😎
Blessings and Light,