Anka Resort, Nanyuki – Review

As promised from last week’s blog post, here is a review of Anka Resort, Nanyuki. If you didn’t get to read last week’s blog, please do, there are some tips on how to plan to go on vacation on a budget. Let me take you with me to a trip down memory lane when I went to Anka Resort sometime in December of 2019.

Anka Resort, Nanyuki is a wonderful getaway located in Kenya, somewhere between NaroMoru town and Nanyuki town. It’s just a few meters from the road and the signage is clear and visible from the road, you just can’t miss it. (Even at night)

Driving into the compound you are welcomed by this beautiful house with huge windows ( you shall soon understand why i had to emphasize) and the welcome to Anka Resort Nanyuki sign. This house is so cool I legit got confused whether that was where we’d stay or that was the reception area (or maybe I was just tired haha). As you walk in, you are met by these wonderful ladies at the reception who guide you through the whole check-in process and give you a tour of the place just to get acquainted.

Now the walk from the reception to where the cabins are was an absolute shocker for me. I was expecting a house like the one at the entrance, oohw how wrong I was. Anka Resort, Nanyuki is the real definition of a getaway that feels like home. I mean just look at this place.

Remember I mentioned it’s right on the side of the road? Now here’s the interesting thing you can’t hear any noises from the road or even see outside the compound. The trick is all the trees around the place,they act as barriers and windbreakers. The landscaping done is A1.

On to my favorite part of Anka Resort, the cabins…you guys…..the place is just like home. You have a parking spot right next to your cabin, a porch with seats to chill as you listen to the birds. The cabins are in singles and twins with a closet, a glorious bathroom, a kitchen area with a cooker, mini fridge, a hot water kettle. My favorite part of the room, the large windows (yes I’m ansucker for windows) the view of the sunrise in the morning is just breathtaking.

Anka Resort also has a restaurant and bar that is open to non residents.

The buffet at the restaurant has an array of options my personal favorite was breakfast and I’m not even a breakfast person on regular days.

During dinner there’s live music, you get to sing along to some jams as you eat and look at the stars… The restaurant and bar are strategically positioned to give you an amazing view.

Did I mention the nyama choma zone…

Speaks for itself, right?

For recreation, Anka Resort has you and your family covered. From the trampoline, bouncy castles and swings for the little ones, bike riding, quad bikes, a large swimming pool (my personal favorite spot) and a fire place for you and your family to chill and bond at night as you roast marshmallows.

For my fitness guys, there’s a running track which is so well placed between trees you feel like you’re running in a forest.

“Anka Resort Nanyuki is the place you come to clear your mind and still feel like you’re at home,” says the owner. This is one of the chill spots you can just sit and read, meditate or just enjoy some ‘me’ time

Oohw and to actually help you clear your mind, from the cabins to the restaurant is a bit of a walk which gives you time to enjoy the crisp air, listen to the birds especially as you go for breakfast.

Guys, I could go on and on about Anka Resort, Nanyuki so how about you use the tips I gave in the previous blog and plan to go there and experience the place. Check out their website and social media platforms for details and bookings.

Thank you Anka Resort Nanyuki for having us, the reception and service was so warm and special.

📸- Xiaomi Mi A2

Blessings and light,