Welcome To Stylish With Adira.

Hello Hello, good people, my day ones who’ve been with me on this journey since 2018 when I first had the brilliant idea to start a blog, and hello to my new fam; those that had no idea I even write. Karibuni Sana to the most incredible fashion experience of your life!

My name is Wangui Karanja, commonly known as Khui Karanja: I am the founder, designer, editor, and writer of this incredible platform. I can’t quite put it to words just how excited I am to finally do this. Bringing on new writers on the site was a leap for me because Stylish with Adira is my baby so letting go of some parts, deligating roles was like a mom having to leave their baby with the nanny. Not easy, yoh!

Nevertheless, we are here now, do scroll through and meet the remarkable writers and their engaging writer’s voices. I assure you each one of them is an experience on their own.

Stylish With Adira is a sustainable fashion is sustainable fashion brand and the source for style inspiration, tips and hacks. We are here to be your virtual stylists, so drop your suggestions on fashion struggles you’ve been having, and we will be sure to bring you a couple of solutions.

I will keep it super short, go through as many posts as you can, get to see the journey and the growth that has taken place over the years, and then prepare your wardrobe for some serious adjustments. Good news gents, we now have a male stylist!!!! Finally (lol).

Special shout out to Miss Lisa, our content director, and street style expert.

c/o @nm.lisa

I will see you next weeek, until then,

Blessings and Light,


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