Top 5 Revenge Looks For Men.

Hey guys, guess who is back again?

It’s your boy Kwelo Halisi, and we are all about the bag and base matters fashion, and if you here for basic and boring, you prolly in the wrong site. So imma give you a minute to change tabs…now that I got your attention, let’s talk revenge, people.
You, by now, know I heavily lean on men’s style, and I racked my brains pretty hard for this particular article, so trust me some good stuff here. So, I am going to cut on the chitchat and get right into it. You guy, my guy, got dumped by your girl for a reason x (or thousands of reasons if she was pretty petty or you were just a big whack job in that relationship) and you feeling all mowed out, disillusioned and ugly. This might have made you stop hitting the gym, you no longer check what you eat, and worst of all, you don’t dress dapper anymore! That’s a sorry sight, but today, you are in luck. May I present my personal top five looks to get your ex’s attention and show them you moved on from your slump and are doing better than ever. What better way to do it than look fresh next time you show up at that party you are sure she will attend.

Look 5.

Feast your eyes on this subtle yet fierce look that shouts confidence. The careful color selection of the black cashmere full-neck integrates nicely with the blue checked slim-fit afro pants. Talk about the power pose with the three-button blazer blending super nicely with the flat loafers and add dark sunglasses to bring the cool mystery. This look is great for church, fashion, and fun events. Fair warning such pants don’t give you too much room to jump around (unless you want an embarrassing rip situation lol). Turn up looking like this, and you will turn heads in your direction, and your ex will drown in jealousy since she wants a piece of that.

Look 4.

Our number four is occupied by this stunning retro look. The secret here is going back in time and bringing to life woolen sweaters and don’t-touch-my-ankles balloon chinos. See how the official plain turquoise shirt matches with the sky blue Kangol cap and the black-tie blends with the black don’t-touch balloon chinos? Plus, the striped ankle socks in the official black shoes. Honestly, it’s all in the details. This look is suitable for meetups at the mall with friends and brunch with family or friends. Careful on the sweater fabric, though, and the print, too dull or ugly pattern, will bore your whole look. So, try and keep really smooth and simple. Sprinkle some attitude and get ready to shake things up in that party where your ex won’t know what in the actual heavens happened when she was away.

Look 3.

Goodbye to the old and hello the new. Or just bring me both! At number three, we have this dapper official casual that is a sure bounce back after taking that L. If you noticed, by now, I am keen on color matching and blocking. And what is there not to love about this maroon double-breasted blazer that, when paired with maroon low-cut sneakers, is like a dip of Oreo in milk! And don’t get me started on the grey afro pants that are just long enough to give the sneakers enough limelight. I am a sucker for hats, and this fedora hat does justice for the downplayed black turtle-neck shirt. This outfit is perfect for lunch dates, fashion events, and even tasteful parties. Although I should mention, double-breasted blazers are meant to always be buttoned, so if you know it’s going to be super-hot, or you will need to dance or move too vigorous, drop the blazer (never walk around with an unbuttoned double-breasted blazer). Rock this next time you go hang out at that place, you know she will be and watch her steal glances at you the whole time.

Look 2.

Somebody call the police! Number 2 just stole all eyeballs up in here and blew the roof of this joint! The brown checked tweed coat and the grey khaki pants color block so nicely, and the brown oxfords just go a step further to reinforce the awesomeness packed in this look. Notice the socks are a blunt color like black. We don’t want to outdo ourselves with colorful socks in this particular look with all brown affair going on. Keep it simple. Now onto the icing on the cake, the tie-tuck! Ever tried that? Well, it’s a common trend in the bartenders’ closet, but you can also pull it and add that spice. Just make sure you remember the rule of thumb, if the shirt is plain, use a printed tie and if the shirt is printed, use a plain tie. She will go gaga over the simplicity of this outfit, trust me. This look is suitable for family to get-togethers or meeting with your friends and colleagues. However, quickly don’t do the tie-tuck to official occasions; that would be a bummer! Apart from that, can you color block other colors? Yes, sure, knock yourself out!

Look 1.

Our number one is confidently occupied by this killer official casual masterpiece. It comprises a double-breasted blue blazer that contrasts sharply with the grey khaki that is just the right length to let the wine-red northside loafers shine. And the black fedora that not only acts a shade from the sun on that sunny picnic but instantly elevates your look from typical to stylish. This outfit is perfect for an elegant evening out with your friends or a night gala event and is sure to push your ex to the verge of losing it as she drools over this new-found style that is so fresh and versatile. Quirky fact, though, never go out without socks (rookie mistake); when you see, such looks don’t think they don’t have socks. You will be moving around a lot; obviously, your feet will sweat. To prevent embarrassing circumstances, go for ankle socks. Thank me later.

Well, there you have it folks, hope you enjoyed the read and are excited to go out and try these outfits and break that breakup stench clinging around you. I look forward to seeing your photos if you try any of the above outfits.

Models:( in order from number one)

1. Reginald Alenga
2. Wordsmith Lewis.
3. Reginald Alenga.
4. Wordsmith Lewis.
5. Marcus

It’s your dapper brother, Kwelo Halisi .
See you on the next blog, bye!

17 thoughts on “Top 5 Revenge Looks For Men.

  1. I can’t even decide which look I love more🥺🥺cause wueh👌🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵. Keep going. You doing great… It’s amazing yaaanj


      1. Every look is suitworthy ✨.
        If goodstyle was a taste I might as well say this is it!😂Goodwork!


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