Hawi Designs: Game Changing Crotchet Brand.

A few weeks ago, I was scrolling through my LinkedIn feed when I bumped into an incredibly catchy post, a gorgeous babe in a cobalt blue two-piece that I was already falling for, and my first reaction was, is that a crotchet outfit? 

C/o Hawi Designs

If you know me, you know that if I like something, I absolutely must show appreciation. So, in 2-seconds, I was all over their page just ogling at their stunning pieces. Then that quickly escalated to me, commenting on almost all their posts; yes, I am extra supportive like that when I like something. After spamming the LinkedIn page of Sandra Hawi, I decided why not get to know this lady and her extraordinary work?

C/o Hawi Designs

Therefore without further ado, meet Sandra Hawi of Hawi Designs. She is a runway model, an exquisitely talented and skilled crotchet designer, and a teacher; yes, she wears many hats. The story of how this girl from Kisumu County, Kenya, built a unique fashion brand in 10 months, is inspirational. Keep reading, you’ll see.
After a long time in the fashion industry, trying her luck at runway modeling, Sandra was tired of the models’ inhumane treatment. As a way to let out her frustration, she tried her hand at crocheting. Having watched her mother create countless crotchet pieces, seat covers, table cloths locally known as “vitambaa vya uzi,” the craft was not entirely new to her.
In January 2020, in between her new teaching job, Sandra founded Hawi Designs in her living room. Three months in, Covid-19 hit the country, schools were closed, Sandra was out of a job. This was probably her blessing in disguise; she now had time to practice her craft, perfect the skill. Since March, just 7 months ago, Sandra has created these impressive pieces and more. Take a minute and absorb the talent and creativity in these designs.

I mean, after seeing that, need I say more? I don’t even have enough adjectives to describe just how much I fell in love with this brand. 2020 has been a rollercoaster; most of us want it to end. However right in the middle of the ride, we all have opportunities to take a step back and find our most authentic and highest selves—a moment to find that which is in you that is JUST YOU. Don’t cancel out the year just yet. There’s something here for you; it’s just not on the surface.

With that said, a huge thank you to Sandra Hawi for allowing us to tell your story.
To check out more pieces by HawiDesigns,

If you are an extra ordinary fashion brand looking to tell your brand story, hit us up on the comments or dm us on @stylishwithadira on Instagram and get feautured next.

Blessings and Light,

Khui. K

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