Ladies Suits: What to Look Out for.

Hey guys, what’s popping? I’m back with another banger. (That sounded like I’m a rapper about to drop bars, haha!)Now, if you’re one to attend fashion shows, then you’ve probably observed that almost every fashion competition has a lady who competes in the men’s category. These ladies usually come dressed in suits and loafers or other fashion choices that bring out their masculinity. This is not in any way wrong, especially in the 21st century, where we are moving away from gender specificity and gender labels. As a kid, I knew trouser suits and skirt suits were outfits worn to work and had to be dull and baggy enough to allow two or more people (rolling my eyes). The suit narrative has changed (thank God). It’s so relieving that we don’t have to look unfashionable just because we are in suits. Here are a few tips to assist you in pulling a suit look.
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       1. FIT

I cannot stress this enough. Fit is everything when it comes to suits. This applies not just to ladies but also men. I am here for the girls, though. Make sure your pick is not too small or too big. Fitting points to check are shoulders, arms, bust, and waist, depending on whether the top part of the suit should be tight or loose and the coat and bottoms’ length. Bottoms could be anything from a skirt to trousers to lots of other options.

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Okay, guys, if you know me, you know I am all about the colors. Color coordination and color blocking is a concept that tends to be overshadowed by the nude and pastel obsession. This is because nude and pastel speak elegance and class, and as we all know, almost everyone wants to look rich, some without actually being rich lol. I, however, tell you all to dress up in all colors you want. I think color means life and beauty, look at the prettiest things, the sun, the rainbow, the birds, the flowers and the sea, aren’t they enough proof? Back to suits, monochromatic suit colors make the look appear elegant and coordinated. It’s like the little sprinkle of pixie dust you get after picking the right fit. It could be nude monochromatic or yellow monochromatic, or even similar checked print for the top and bottoms. You do you. I promise you can’t go wrong with a monochromatic choice.

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This is the most important tip. Ensure you feel comfortable in your skin. Your color, fit, and any other choice concerning the suit should be your personal preference. Be confident enough to play around with your options and move away from the norms. You could pair your coat with shorts, jumpsuits, flared or printed skirts, etc. It doesn’t have to be the traditional straight skirt or trousers. Play around with your choices

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I’d like to introduce this segment where I leave you guys with a quote. Today’s quote

Do you, all the rules are fake.

This is really not part of the blog but I got nail extensions for the first time today and typing is not a joke. Ninastraggle lol. I hope you all have been having a great time and appreciating life cause we don’t get to do it twice. Other than that, sending you love and light.


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