6 Classy-Casual Styles for Every Guy Who Wants To Look Sharp!

Wassgood fam? It’s your boy Kwelo Halisi, and we are all about the bag and base matters fashion, and if you here for basic and boring, you probably in the wrong site. So imma give you a minute to change tabs…now that I got your attention, let’s talk casual looks that are to die for. We are about to learn how to dress casually without getting lazy and sloppy on this particular one. If you are reading this, you will soon be bawling, and we all know those who’ve secured the bag love their sharp suits on weekdays and stylish-relaxed looks on the weekends. And you guy, my guy, are just as deserving if not more to look just as stylish and laid back. So, why not learn beforehand, so when you get there, it’s not a hassle.
Ps. you don’t have to be super-rich to pull these looks off. All you need is the right idea, and you can source the clothes anywhere. Warning! The outfits you are about to see might blow your mind; I recommend you get yourself a helmet, lol. I hope you are a good swimmer cause we bout to dive right in! (okay enough dad jokes hahah!!)

Number 1

You have to love this monochromatic white look with black low-cut black loafers. For those who are work 8-5 and like hanging out with friends later in the evening but don’t want to go back home to change, well, this look is perfect for you. Notice the folding of the pants down there? Well, that is what changes it from official to casual. A single fold! And the shirt too (girls will tell you they find the sleeves fold sexy af). Well, if you were working, you could do a nice tuck-in, but when it’s time to step out of the office into the party or meet up with friends and fam, be sure to untuck the shirt. You can’t go wrong with this fantastic monochromatic look. You could also do an all-black shirt and pants and then break with white shoes. It would still work out great, trust me.

C/O theDapper Brother

Number 2

At number 2, we have this fabulous outfit comprising of a white tee with folded short sleeves and black fitting pants (I hope by now you see the difference between skinny, tight, and fitting), and lastly, some cool black and white kicks. What I love most about this look is how simple and clean it is without too much going around. You could do a watch and some glasses for the accessories but don’t overdo them with chains and 1000 necklaces. Every piece in this look is easy to find and cheap without a doubt. This outfit is suitable for attending class or a relaxed weekend with buddies at your favorite spot.

C/O theDapper Brother

Number 3

This ravishing cool casual look occupies number three. Who knew turquoise blue could blend so warmly with dark maroon? For my birthday, imma get me a set of colored denim jackets! You don’t have only to wear the classic blue denim, there are many other colors you can sample. Remember the simple rule for casuals: match something! In this look, we paired the turquoise blue shirt to the turquoise blue denim jacket, the skinny maroon pants to the maroon cap. And of course, by now, you have realized I am heavy on the lit shoe game. These white high tops are just what you need to let your pants shine. Remember, never let the pants cover the shoes. The pants should be skinny enough to end where the shoes begin. This look is best for outdoor events and nightclubbing.

Number 4

May I present the classic piano look (you know because the piano keys are black and white)? This outfit is so easy to pull off if you get the details correct, except for maybe the corny smile, lol. Notice how these skinny black pants aren’t tight, that’s very important, and they go so well with the fitting white short-sleeved shirt. Don’t tuck in the shirt; it will change the theme of your look from sweet casual to serious official, and that would clown you because these black and white vans of the wall were meant for casual outfits. Add the leather bag with a long strap, walk from the office, and join the party like you never left.

Number 5

Look at the scarf!!! Is it just me, or do woolen scarfs add points to your outfit from the onset? To kill this type of look, do one thing, keep it matchy and simple! Just that. Remember, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. A fitting white tee (oh, btw catch me dead with those promotional t-shirts !! plain tees look cleaner and more presentable, try it ) some washed-out blue denim jeans and again some lit shoe game, white low-cut sporty Adidas area killer casual look. Match your shoes to your tees and let the pants break the look. This outfit is fun and easy on the eye and suitable for hanging at the mall with friends or outdoor events.

C/O The Dapper Brother

Number 6

Finally, at number 6, we have this great black and white look that anyone could pull and look just as impressive. By now, you noticed we did not tuck in any shirt so far; why? Because that’s what defines casual looks. Let’s break it down. The white tee (white plain tees should, by the way, be a staple item in every dude’s closet) could use a slight fold on the sleeves. That makes the shirt look better around the biceps (so if you have guns, this is an excellent way to flaunt them). The black washed out skinny jeans go in perfect with the zebra low cut rubber shoes. And the icing on the cake, the black cap put on backward. This Chris Brown signature hanging of the cap’s strap is legendary! The longer it is, the more relaxed you look. Remember to keep the accessories to a minimum. This look is suitable for picnics, lunch dates, evening walks; you name it.

Well fam, that’s all we had time for today. Have fun trying out the looks, play around with colors and don’t forget your lit shoe game!!
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I look forward to seeing your photos when you try any of the above looks, do tag us on @stylishwithadira. Until next time my brothers,

Look sharp!

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