What Does it Mean To Be a Sustainable Fashion Brand?

Hello my loves, It’s been a hot minute (I’m over-using that statement now), 2021 is here, and I don’t even understand how that happened, do you? Last year was one heck of a roller coaster ride, and Lord knows we need a break, so 2021, please be nicer. Anyway, I trust you have all been well; team Adira has been fantastic! We have so many amazing things lined up for you this coming year, so do stay on the look out.

Now let’s discuss today’s title, What Does it Mean to be a Sustainable Fashion Brand?

If you look this up on any search engine, the results are almost the same; revolving around eco-friendliness and ethical practices within the production line of fashion products. As Stylish’s founder with Adira, I’d like to discuss our sustainability stand as a brand. One of the reasons I got into fashion was the timelessness of clothing, lasting generations. I have pieces I wear today that are older than me.

I inherited this blouse from my mom, which she bought in the early 90s; girlchild here was not close to being born, haha. As I got more knowledgeable about the fashion industry, I understood that the things that contribute to the timelessness of clothing are:

  1. Quality production
  2. Creative design thinking.

Therefore, when I started Stylish with Adira (then Adira Creations) a few years ago, these two principles were what I was and have been trying to live by and achieve. (it’s working progress).

Design details on the blouse

As a brand, we are all about helping you build a functional wardrobe where you can wear as many of the clothes you own as possible. Many of us confess that we have clothes we bought thinking we’d rock non-stop but have never worn. They’re just gathering dust in our closets. Yes, I see you there feeling very guilty. The reason behind this is that you either got it because you thought,

“it’s on SALE; why would I not get this?”

“but it’s so cheap I’ll never get this kind of deal again.”

“it’s so cute; I’ll definitely wear it.”

After a couple of years of pilling up such clothes, you now have a closet full of clothes you don’t wear; you soon get tired of them and decide to discard them. This is a waste of money and the degradation of the environment.

Stylish with Adira is a fashion brand contributing to sustainability through quality clothing production, giving you outfits you can easily integrate into your closet. Have you checked out our Jasiri collection of 2019? Check it out here.

We also contribute to sustainability by promoting conscious consumption of fashion products by you, the buyer. As much as we try to promote sustainability by creating fashion products in a way that will last generations, without equipping you with the necessary information, all this is in vain. Therefore, we advocate for conscious purchasing of fashion products by giving you tips and tricks on how to style staple pieces and pieces that are not so easy to match. With this information, you are more intentional when shopping, knowing when, where, and with what you will wear the particular pieces you buy.

By having a functional wardrobe with clothes you love to wear, you in your little way contribute to preserving the environment for our future generations by lowering the number of clothes dumped in landfills. Conserving the environment isn’t all about planting trees and cleaning trenches (which you should do too). However, you can save the environment by being a conscious fashion consumer.

Therefore as a brand, our job is to create beautiful, timeless, multifunctional clothing for you and at the same time show you how to get the most out of each piece and how to integrate it into your current wardrobe.

Today’s blog was full of some heavy words and content. However, I do hope you all got the point I was trying to put across. For any questions or if you’d wish I did a video explaining the above, hit me up in the comments section.

Blessings and Light,

Khui Karanja.

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