What Does the Color Red Mean?- Valentines Edition.

The month of love is here, and we are about to get blasted with red decorations and an abnormal number of valentine’s adverts. And as we get into it, I have a question, do you think wearing red on valentine’s day is still a thing, or is it a cliché?

Red is quite an interesting color. While it symbolizes love and passion, it is also the color used to signal danger and anger expression. Such parallel functions, don’t you think? Yet, it has been adopted as the universal color for Valentine’s day (even though I think it’s a huge cliché) to show the love between couples. And as I was thinking about what February will be like, especially for single people, people who’ve lost loved ones, people going through breakups and divorce, I figured why not celebrate Love month in another way. In China, the color red symbolizes happiness and prosperity. This same color represents power and poise.

It has been a difficult year since the last Valentine’s Day in 2020, so this year, let’s celebrate it in red, but for the other definitions of the color: power, poise, happiness, and prosperity.

Therefore, I have a challenge for you, on the 14th of February 2021, dress in something red, take a selfie, a photo of your liking, and use the hashtags #redforpower, #redforpoise. #redforhappiness, #redforprosperity. You are welcome to tag me @stylishwithadira; I’ll be busy reposting each one of those photos.

There are so many days in the year to tell your boo you love them, this year; buy flowers or get a gift pack from OmyEvents for your friend whose husband died, whose child is sick, even for yourself because you deserve it. Check out some amazing and affordable gift packs

This is not the year to ask

“valentine is coming, where is your boyfriend?”

Lets share a different kind of love.

Happy New Month, Blessings and Light,


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