What’s Your Type?

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So I’m starting to settle on the fact that I’m no morning person, I am more of an all nighter so I’m typing this a little past midnight listening to some dope afrobeat mixes. If you’ve met me lately you know I can’t seem to shut up about South African music (haha sorry) we’re in the first months of this musical relationship and you know how new relationships are πŸ˜‰, too much excitement (lol)

Anywhuu on to today’s style post. Ladiiieeesss, do you know your body type? I realized that I might have been unfair giving a bunch of style hacks which probably work for just my body type (which is the smaller hour glass). Therefore, today’s post and next Thursday I’ll shed some light on different body types mostly for the ladies. And after that I’ll do a post for male body types. I’m really trying to incorporate both male and female fashion hacks since you, my style fam, are a mix of both genders (such awesome people, don’t I just love you) I’m feeling extra lovey lovey today 😍. Plus I want you to love, appreciate and embrace your body type because you are beautiful just as you are. (best believe that boo)

I’ll be focusing on 3 body types on this post, the inverted triangle, the rectangle and the petit body type.

The Inverted Triangle.

This body type is characterized by a gradual decrease in width from the shoulders and bust to the waist and to the hips. The beauty of this body type is the slender bottom and lovely legs. A struggle to most ladies is creating a balance between the top and the bottom. Here are a few Dos and Don’ts to achieve that.


  • V-neck, off shoulder, strapless tops and dresses.
  • Gathered, pleated skirts or dresses (the trick is to add or create the illusion of volume at the bottom)
  • Bright coloured bottoms (pants, skirts)
  • Relax fit trousers with large or baggy pockets paired with fitting (not tight) tops.
  • Strappy heels. Bright coloured shoes.
  • shoes.


  1. Very low cut necklines on tops and dresses.
  2. Body cons and tight dresses.
  3. Pencil skirts and trousers.
  4. Closed heels
  5. Dark bottoms (pants and skirts)

Extra tip* Avoid hair-dos that have your hair down, holding it up in a bun or pony tail elongates your torso (upper body) making you taller and slimmer.

The Rectangle.

Characteristics of this body type are; small to average bust, undefined waist, slights hips and straight legs. Generally very minimal curves. The dos for this are to create the illusion of curves.


  1. Off shoulder, round open necklines
  2. Pencil skirts with abit of character
  3. A-line dresses
  4. Flaunt your slender arms with sleeveless or drop sleeve tops, jackets.
  5. Hip length blazers and jackets with gently shaped at the waist.
  6. Bright colours are a good style they add a general illusion of volume.


  1. Square necklines
  2. Straight dresses and skirts
  3. Baggy toos and blazers
  4. Dull colours.

Extra tip * Go for dropped hair-dos or a low pony tail or even shave hehe, this reduces the height making you look shorter.

The Petit.

The petit lady is alot similar to the rectangle but is shorter and generally small. In this, the dos enhance the illusion of height and curves.


  1. Off shoulder, V-neck dresses and tops
  2. Low cut necklines – peaking bra bridge (if your daring) but for the more conservative ladies, add a stylish brooch on tge cleavage.
  3. Fitting dresses and skirts with a bit of character – wrapping, slits, abit of flare.
  4. A-line, gathered, pleated dresses and skirts.
  5. Cropped jeans and trousers – or folded up skinny jeans paired with a belt to define the waist.
  6. Bright coloured outfits.
  7. Edgy heels- bright coloured, straooy.
  8. Flaunt your arms and shoulders with drop jackets and sweaters.


  1. Square and asymmetrical necklines
  2. Fully buttoned up shirts and tops
  3. Straight dresses and skirts.
  4. Dull colour (if necessary, pair with bright colour shoes, jewelry or headgear

Extra tip* Go for hair-dos that create the illusion of height such as ponytails, buns or add fascinators and turbans.

I sure hope this was helpful and are beginning to narrow down to which body type you fall. If you don’t fit in any of these, there are 3 more coming.

I have tonsay tjis shoot was twice as awesome because I don’t appear on any of the photos, spotlight was on these lovely beauties.

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Love you girls 😘😘😘

Styling – Khui Karanja (leather Chocker from Kiki https://www.facebook.com/LovingCurvyMe/)

Blessings and light πŸ’‹